Barcelona’s Most Exciting, Active and Unique Outdoor Activities to Do Year-Round

Barcelona is a city with an incredible number of outdoor activities and excursions. From the mountains to the sea, to the parks and wide open areas within the city, you can spend your entire stay outside if that’s what you’d prefer (and assuming the weather cooperates which is usually does). No matter what time of year, it’s possible to participate in at least a few outdoor activities. Barcelona’s seaside boardwalk is a great place to exercise if you want to run, roller blade or power walk. Montjuic is also a fantastic area to stroll through, visit the gardens and have a picnic. You can enter the museums if you want, but if you’d prefer to stay in the sun, this huge ‘Mountain of the Jews’ provides for a full day of fresh air. If you’re more of the park type and want to inject a touch of architecture into the experience as well, Park Guell is a great place to experience Gaudi’s magnificent works while enjoying time outside. This huge ‘Alice in Wonderland esque’ park if a mix of gorgeous and innovative designs intertwined amongst nature. So you can read, have a picnic on the grass and learn about Gaudi’s life and his avant-garde imagination.


Passeig del Born
This is a lively, trendy walkway in one of the Old City’s chicest neighborhoods. Grab a drink on Passeig Del Born at one of the many tapas restaurants (where Javier Bardem was spotted sipping a few copas not long ago) and spend time people.
Hi This Is Barcelona
Less of an attraction, Hi. This Is Barcelona is a private tour company with a high volume of honeymoon couples and those looking for romantic getaways. The company customizes all of its tours, so if you’re looking to spice up an experience with.
TibidaboTibidabo is one of the best places to take in panoramic city views of Barcelona. Atop this mountain, which is accessible by tram, there is an amusement park, Church of the Sacred Heart as well as some excellent restaurants and places to picnic.


Casa Milà (La Pedrera)

Another one of Gaudi’s masterpieces, Casa Mila, otherwise known as La Pedrera, is one of Gaudi’s most well known creations and is situated on Passeig de Gracia, just a stone’s throw from Casa Batllo. Constructed between 1905-1912, from the.

Plaza Catalunya
Barcelona’s city center hub and major landmark separating the old from the new; Plaza Catalunya is a watering hole for teenagers wanting to gather ‘after hours’, families on a Sunday afternoon, late night beer vendors, tourists and at one time.
Parc de la CuitadellaBuilt in the 1700’s the Citadel turned into a park in the 19th century and today is a great place for family outings, yoga classes, gatherings amongst friends and a relaxing day in nature. There’s a small pond in the center of the garden.


Castell de Montjüic

Few places offer city views like Montjuic. The name literally means ‘Mountain of The Jews’ and is a former military base in Barcelona. Today it boasts some of the most gorgeous views of the entire city of Barcelona and also holds open air movie.


Parc Güell
Another one of Gaudi’s amazing creations, Park Guell features the longest bench in the world as well as Gaudi’s tiny house where he lived for several years. The park is a mix of design and architecture with nature and illustrates Gaudi’s.


Mercat de la Boqueria

If you’re hungry or just feel like browsing rows upon rows and stalls upon stalls of fresh fruit, cured hams, authentic Spanish tapas and pretty much anything you might have a craving for, Barcelona’s Boqueria market should top the check list.
Wild Montserrat Tour
An excellent way to uncover the mysteries, allure and splendour of a gorgeous and famous mountain top, just outside of Barcelona. Led by Barcelona Slow Travel, a company dedicated to sustainable tourism, this is an excellent way to ‘get lost

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