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Get to know Kakeibo: A Japanese Method of Saving that is a Century Old, Makes More Money Raised!

[ad_1] – Save money from being rich, maybe that is one of the phrases that is often heard to be more selective in spending money.

Kakeiboa century-old Japanese budgeting technique can be one of the budgeting techniques that is in line with saving money from the rich.

Method kakeibo more than just a budgeting method, kakeibo is a financial philosophy centered on careful and deliberate spending and thrift.

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Because of this, the kakeibo method is very easy to train and adapt to lifestyles which provides a new understanding of financial priorities.

Because if practiced correctly, kakeibo method users can save up to 35% of monthly expenses.

So, what is a kakeibo?

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Kakeibo is a Japanese term for “household financial ledger” so it’s basically a physical budgeting journal.

This method was introduced by a journalist from Japan named Hani Motoko, and published in a women’s magazine in 1904.

Kakeibo’s accounting system attracts readers, especially housewives who manage their family budget.

This method was finally recorded by a writer named Fumiko Chiba who published the book “Kakeibo: The Art of Saving Japanese Money” and published in 2018.

According to Chiba and other experts, kakeibo reflects the Japanese cultural belief in the importance of saving.

Then, how to apply the Kakeibo method in everyday life? Here’s how:

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