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Hurry up! It turns out that this is a way to borrow money in the DANA application without a Liquid Direct KTP

[ad_1] – Being one of the leading financial applications in Indonesia, the DANA application can be used to borrow money quickly and easily and without a KTP.

Some people still find it difficult to know how to borrow money in the DANA application without a KTP and it can be disbursed immediately.

Now DANA application users can apply for loans without a KTP in an easy and simple way to borrow money.

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Through the money loan feature without a KTP at DANA, users can borrow money using only their mobile number and personal data that have been registered in the DANA application.

This makes it very easy for users to obtain loans without having to issue a KTP.

Here are some steps you can follow to apply for a money loan without a KTP in the DANA application:

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1. Make sure your DANA account is registered and verified.

Before applying for a money loan, make sure your DANA account is registered and verified with an active mobile number.

This will facilitate the loan application process.

2. Select the money loan feature in the DANA application, after the DANA account is verified.

Open the DANA application and select the money loan feature by pressing the request button on the main menu.

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