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Mayora Group Boss Ricky Afrianto Shares ‘3 Key Success’ Ways to Penetrate Consumers in the JPP Talk Podcast – The Promedia Editors Network (JPP) invited the Global Director of PT Mayora Group, Ricky Afrianto to fill out a podcast titled ‘JPP Talk Episode 3’.

In this podcast, Ricky Afrianto has the opportunity to share one of his experiences accompanied by Promedia’s Marketing Manager, Bimo Aditya.

Ricky Afrianto shared his experience in developing Mayora Group as a Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) brand or fast-moving consumer goods in Indonesia that ‘go international’, and shared 3 keysuccess in consumer penetration.

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Kopiko coffee candy, one of Mayora Group’s brands, has appeared in several episodes of Korean films and its advertisements have been shown overseas.

This is a proud achievement, considering that Kopiko is a candy product originating from Indonesia.

Mayora Group is now one of the Indonesian FMCGs that has gone international. For his hard work, Ricky Afrianto won the SWA award in 2019, he was ranked 13th on the 100 SWA list.

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The man who likes to play volleyball said that there are at least three key success factors for consumer penetration in the marketing field, especially in the Mayora Group, which can also be used in other business lines to make consumers not the first and last buyers of products.

The key to success referred to by Ricky Afrianto consists of: quality (quality), efficiency (efficiency), and innovation (innovation).

Apart from that, Ricky also mentioned that actually the quality of Indonesian companies is no less competitive than other countries.

According to him, the main problem is the perception when Indonesian companies enter foreign markets.

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“Because we already mentioned it quality, efficiencyAnd innovation, that’s really important. As an Indonesian company, it turns out that we are not inferior in quality to other countries,” said Ricky Afrianto quoted Friday, June 9, 2023.

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