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Payday Money, Here are 10 Tips for Treating It So that One Month Is Enough, No Shortage, No Debt! – To treat payday money so that it is enough for one month, here are some tips that you can follow:

1. Create a budget

Make a detailed budget for your monthly expenses. Determine how much money to allocate for basic needs, such as food, rent/accomodation, transportation, bills, and so on. Also set aside some money for savings or an emergency fund.

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2. Prioritize needs

Prioritize spending on the most important basic needs. Make sure you have enough money to meet basic needs before spending on other less important things.

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3. Save expenses

Look for ways to reduce monthly expenses. For example, compare prices and shop smart when buying food, use public transportation or shared vehicles to save on transportation costs, and avoid wasting on unnecessary things.

4. Make a shopping list

Before going shopping, make a specific shopping list and stick to it. Avoid improvising when shopping as this can lead to unnecessary impulse purchases.

5. Use cash

Using cash can help you have a better understanding of how much you are spending. This can help control spending and avoid overspending.

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