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5 List of Part Time Jobs with Good Prospects in the Bekasi Area – If you have free time and are looking for additional income, try to find opportunities by taking side jobs or part time.

Part time jobs do not require you to work all day like an office job. So, no need to worry about disturbing your main job.

In a big city like Bekasi, there are lots of side jobs that have good prospects and pay well.

So, are there any part-time jobs in the Bekasi area? The following is a list of side jobs with good prospects.

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1. Private Tutor

If you have experience or like teaching, then you can try becoming a private tutor.

The fields can vary, for example for school lessons, teaching music, or reciting the Koran. Choose what you are good at.

The income from working part time as a tutor is also not bad, you know.

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2. Master of Ceremonies

Those of you who have high self-confidence and like to speak in front of crowds, can also try the opportunity to become a master of ceremonies (MC).

You can be the MC for events like weddings, engagements, birthdays, and so on.

The task of an MC is not only to present the event, but also to make a rundown of the event from start to finish, break the ice so that the entire audience stays focused and doesn’t feel bored during the event.

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