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Understanding and Functions of the Stock Keeping Unit in the Majoo Warehouse Application to Facilitate Business Needs

[ad_1] – Stock keeping unit (SKU) is one way to manage a warehouse or stock.

If in the past SKUs were done manually, now there is technological assistance that can do warehouse work to make it easier to manage business fields.

Warehouse work can now be done through the warehouse application from Majoo Indonesia. Before discussing further, it would be nice to know the meaning, function, and how to apply SKU in the retail or MSME business.

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Definition of Stock Keeping Unit

Stock keeping unit is a unique code that marks every item that the company will buy or sell.

Some parties also often refer to SKUs as product numbers, part numbers, or product identifiers.

The code is given by the business owner himself to make it easier to understand and remember.

You can create an SKU in the format of a combination of numbers and letters. You can adjust the SKU length yourself.

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SKU is a feature that makes it easy to find products. If the product stored in the warehouse has a large number or thousands of items, having an SKU will make it easier for you to find these products.

Starting your own business is indeed an attractive and promising solution to support financial stability. Even though they are small shops and shops, these entrepreneurs still need to be careful in managing the inventory of the goods they sell.

For this reason, before starting a business, you should know the right inventory system for your business.

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