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Want to Run a Business in the Month of Ramadan? The following are tips for getting capital to start a business – It doesn’t realize that the month of Ramadan in 2023 has come so fast. Ramadan in 2023 will fall at the end of March 2023. Even so, many people have prepared everything. Starting from the schedule of breaking fast together, going home and also starting a business.

Ramadan is indeed a month full of blessings and also abundant sustenance. Everyone must be affected by the splash of benefits, both big and small. It’s not wrong for you to want to start a business in this holy month.

Nevertheless, that short time can be your moment for business exploration that is suitable for long-term running.

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“For those who don’t know where to start a business, this could be a good start. Business people who want to do business from scratch can start taking advantage of special days. Apart from Ramadan, there are also other occasions such as Chinese New Year, August 17 and Christmas,” said Financial Planner, Mike Rini Sutikno, Saturday, February 4, 2023.

For those of you who want to start a business, here are some tips for preparing business capital in the month of Ramadan.

  1. Take advantage of Savings

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The easiest option is to start from reaching your own savings. Meanwhile, if you use capital in a Ramadan business, it would be better if you don’t use it too much.

  1. Looking for Loans

Loans here can come from relatives, friends, colleagues or maybe from family. Not only looking for a loan, but this can also have the potential to build a business together.

  1. Become a Dropshipper or Reseller

Being a dropshipper or reseller is a business with minimal capital. Because, sellers do not need to make their own products. Especially nowadays, with marketplaces, it’s very easy to become a reseller or dropshipper.

  1. Financial institutions

If you don’t have the option of getting capital, borrowing from a financial institution is not entirely wrong, maybe that could be the right choice for you.

  1. Online Loans (Pinjol)

Before deciding to use a loan, it is a good step for prospective entrepreneurs to check the credibility of the borrowing institution. Then it can also be calculated regarding the tenor of the loan, potential profit and also loan interest. ()

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