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6 Activities That Are Suitable For Ngabuburit Time, Not Just As A Hobby But Also Can Make You Money! – The fasting month is synonymous with ngabuburit, or doing an activity while waiting for the time to break the fast.

For some people, sleep is an alternative to waiting for breaking the fast so it won’t be felt.

However, there are also many productive activities that are good to do during ngabuburit so that productivity is maintained during fasting.

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Here are some activities that can be done during ngabuburit:

Maintain ornamental fish

For most people, especially men, the hobby is keeping fish or maybe aquascaping become a popular hobby.

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This hobby can also be an option for a more enjoyable ngabuburit because keeping fish has its own pleasurable effect.

According to research from the National Library of Medicine, keeping fish in an aquarium can have a relaxing effect and lower blood pressure.

Therefore, keeping fish can reduce stress. In addition, keeping fish can also make us more focused and creative.

If practiced properly, it is not uncommon for the hobby to raise fish to produce results, such as successfully breeding, becoming content creators, and even becoming a distributor of ornamental fish.

Try food recipes

Cooking is one of the activities that can be done while waiting for the time to break the fast. With the internet, getting information on cooking recipes is very easy.

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