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Business Idea Recommendations During Ramadan Apart from Food and Beverages, Guaranteed to Sell Well – Ramadhan is always synonymous with an increase in market demand for an item that is sold.

One of them is the demand for various foods and beverages. Many people suddenly become food and drink sellers when Ramadan arrives.

However, apart from food and drink, it turns out that there are many business ideas in the month of Ramadan that will be bustling and selling well.

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Here, the team summarizes several business ideas other than food and drinks during Ramadan.

1. Clothing
Clothing has always been one of the items that is much needed by people before the day of Eid.

The reason is, one of the sunnahs during Eid is to wear new clothes. Therefore, selling clothes in Ramadan is likely to generate high profits.

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You can try selling clothes needed by Muslims such as koko shirts, robes, mukenas, sarongs, and other clothing accessories.

2. Skincare and cosmetics
During Ramadan and before Eid, the community will often meet with colleagues and relatives at various events.

One of the events that are often attended during the month of Ramadan is iftar together. The number of these events requires a person to pay attention to his appearance.

Therefore, it is assumed that the need for skincare and cosmetic products will increase during Ramadan. This is an opportunity for those of you who want to sell skincare and cosmetics.

3. Hampers
Welcoming the arrival of Idul Fitri, the demand for hampers as an automatic greeting accompaniment will increase.

There are various types of hampers that can be sold, such as tea sets, mugs, cutlery, to body care products.

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