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Want to Be a Modern Coffee Entrepreneur? Take a peek at the following tips so that your shop is crowded and successful

[ad_1] – Having a side business nowadays is everyone’s dream. Apart from having income from other places, you also get a different experience when you become an ordinary employee.

If you choose a business like a contemporary coffee shop which is currently mushrooming and diversifying, make sure you have tried many of the same places to sip your coffee. It can be a little research if you want to open a side business in the form of a coffee shop.

Currently, the coffee shop business is still in demand. Lovers are still high, especially for those of you who live in urban areas or your office is close to that place.

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To start this coffee shop business, you can start on a small scale such as a home, tent shop, to a cafe. That way, the capital that you can prepare can also be adjusted where to open and whether it is in accordance with the concept that you have.

However, for those of you who are still confused about starting a coffee shop business, here are some things you need to know:

  1. First Learn Simple Coffee Concoctions

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What you have to pay attention to if you want to open a milk coffee business is to first learn how to make simple coffee concoctions. From this initial step, you can ensure that the milk coffee has a good taste and is also of good quality.

  1. Find Out the Right Size

You also have to know a good ratio between coffee and water that you want to use for brewing. Ideally, you can use the recipe 1 to 6, or 100 grams of coffee brewed with 600 grams of water.

  1. Prepare Capital

If you already know the right ingredients and measurements for making coffee, then it’s time to talk about the capital that will be disbursed. For this coffee shop business, you don’t really need capital that is too expensive. However, the details of the capital depend heavily on the price of the coffee beans used.

  1. Create the Uniqueness of Your Coffee Shop Business

Coffee shop businesses in Indonesia are currently like mushrooms in the rainy season, aka there are already many. Therefore, you must be able to create the uniqueness that exists in your coffee shop business. What is different and unique from the coffee you offer. ()

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