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Here are the documents that must be completed if you want to make a bank loan, prepare now!

[ad_1] – Making a bank loan is one way you can get business capital.

Currently, banks have many loan programs for micro entrepreneurs.

Bank loans for small business actors generally have low interest rates and are not burdensome.

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However, if you are looking for a capital loan without usury, you can get it from an Islamic bank.

Before going to the bank and asking for a bank loan, you must first prepare all the documents needed by the bank.

Banks will usually include business capital loan requirements on their official website page.

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However, in general, the following are the documents that you must bring if you want to make a bank loan.

Documents that Must Be Complete if You Want to Make a Bank Loan, Prepare Now!

1. Photocopy of KTP.
2. Photocopy of Family Card
3. Photocopy of passbook..
4. Photocopy of NPWP.
5. Business license
6. Business financial reports within a certain period depending on bank policy.
7. Have a business that has been operating for a certain time, depending on bank policy.
8. Statement or proof that you do not currently have a loan at a bank or other platform.

If you have prepared everything, you can immediately go to the bank of your choice to apply for a loan.

Good luck!

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