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Got laid off and want to set up an online business? Take a peek at the following tips so you don’t fail in building it

[ad_1] – The business world in Indonesia continues to thrive. This is because the majority of the workforce prefers to slam the business to become entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs.

There are many ways that young people can do to get large amounts of money, one of which is by setting up a business. The ‘weapon’ they choose is to master social media

Nowadays it is not uncommon for young people to have their own business. With the rapid growth of social media, these young people can earn an income that even exceeds office workers.

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The flexibility to be able to do business anywhere is one of the many reasons many young people decide to become entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs.

However, before you decide to run a business online, you must carefully prepare all kinds of needs, including business planning and costs.

Here are some mistakes that often occur when deciding to become an entrepreneur and starting an online business. Anything?

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  1. Not Utilizing Social Media

Today’s social media has a considerable impact. Because in one day, everyone is always paying attention to their cell phones. If you are late to take advantage of this opportunity, surely your chance to get big profits will be missed. You can start by creating social media accounts such as Instagram and TikTok especially for your business and maximize them on both platforms.

  1. Subordinating Customers

The next challenge in managing an online business is to make your customer the ‘king’. In the era of social media like now, customers definitely want a fast response and discussion that is concise and precise in content. So, make sure you always put the customer first and provide maximum service.

  1. Have No Plans

If you decide to do business online, you must have a solid plan, at least for the next 3.6 to 12 months. Map out the business plan that you have, it can be small, medium, to large term. And don’t forget to always detail the business that you will run in the future.

  1. Have No Focus

When starting the first step in building a business, you must focus on your brand first. Don’t think about grandiose things. However, focus first on effectively hooking the target market. After getting a pretty good response and good enthusiasm, then you can think of ideas and strategies for the future. ()

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