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How much does a new currency exchange service cost on the side of the road? The following is complete information along with tips that need attention – Approaching Eid, many new business ideas are starting to emerge, one of which is a money exchange service.

The service of exchanging money into new printed money has become a tradition for the Indonesian people, which is carried out almost every year before Idul Fitri.

Apart from exchanging at Bank Indonesia’s mobile cash register and banks around us, there are other alternative places to offer money exchange services.

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An alternative place to exchange money is at a place where people offer new money exchange services on the side of the road.

People usually choose this roadside exchange because of its convenience.

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Exchanging money on the roadside is considered simpler because there is no need to stop to queue at the bank or register to get a quota.

In addition, this roadside money exchange service is always open every day regardless of weekdays.

So for people who find it difficult to spare time during workdays, exchanging money at this place is one of the chosen alternatives.

Then how do you exchange money on the side of the road? What should be considered?

Check out the following tips for exchanging money on the roadside.

1. Plan how much money you will exchange and what fraction you want

Usually these roadside exchange services are located on the side of the road where access is quite busy, so before you exchange money, make sure you know what nominal you need and what fraction you want.

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