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Want to Start a Business? Do These 10 Steps So Your Business Doesn’t Experiencing Losses!

BONSERNEWS.Com – Starting a business in today’s technological era is not difficult. There are many ways and steps to start a business that can be done by anyone. Starting from students, office workers, to even housewives.

Although there are many ways you can do it when you want to start a business, there are some things that must be considered. Not infrequently, due to a lack of understanding of the steps to starting the business, many fail. Such as experiencing a loss, until the closure of a new or ongoing business.

If you want to start a business, and don’t want to experience these things, there are several steps to starting a business that you need to pay attention to. Some of these steps include:

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1. Science
Without knowledge, the business will not run well, it may even fail. Conversely, with knowledge, business will go well. Knowledge in this case is of course related to how to run and manage it.

For example, knowledge in recording or calculation. If you don’t know the knowledge, then in the transaction process you will experience problems. Such as the calculation of profits and losses that are less accurate. So that the business owner does not know whether his business is profitable or vice versa. Gradually the effort will fail.

2. Confident
When you want to start a business, start confidently armed with the knowledge you have mastered. Don’t be easily swayed by other people’s comments. Especially trusting other people. believe in your abilities.

3. Strong Will
After strong self-confidence has been well maintained, eating will bring up a strong will as well. And this is what makes the difference between one person and another. Who has a strong will, then he will easily get rid of various obstacles that are facing him.

Because this strong will also causes people’s lives to be at different levels. Some are below, some are above. Depends on the strength of the will they have.

4. Time Discipline and Work Plan
Capital that has a strong and large influence in starting a business is time. Setting a good time in starting a business guarantees the success of the business. And vice versa, setting the wrong time can cause the failure of a business.

For example, in serving an order, if we delay until the customer has invoiced the goods according to what we promised, and the goods are not ready, then of course it will be bad for our business. It could be that these customers no longer want to use our business.

Good time distribution is one of the success factors of a business. This can be seen in large companies in developed countries. The company uses good time division, which is the time to work hard from 7 to 12.

After that rest. At 2 p.m. back to work until 5 p.m. Five days a week. Saturdays are used for holidays.

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