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Is There a Good and Halal Way to ‘Double Money’? It turns out that these are the ways!

[ad_1] – The name of Mbah Slamet, a money multiplier in Banjarnegara, Central Java, who kills his victims. After further investigation, it turned out that he had been doing this action since 2020.

This case went viral on social media, after Mbah Slamet, who had been named a suspect, apparently forgot the identities of the victims he killed.

Mbah Slamet admitted that most of the victims were unknown to him and most likely not native Banjarnegara, Central Java.

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“So we examined the results last night, the suspect admitted to killing his victims since 2020, but he forgot the names of his identities because most of them were residents outside Banjarnegara, he said. That’s why we also have problems identifying victims here,” said Banjarnegara Police Chief AKBP Hendri Yulianto.

Apart from Mbah Slamet, AKBP Hendri continued, his party had also arrested one other suspect, namely BS, who played the role of marketing intermediary.

In his action, it was suspected that BS offered money doubling services via social media such as Facebook. “We have just arrested one suspect, BS. His role as marketing or intermediary. His job is to offer services through social media, Facebook and others. So there are victims who know about Mbah Slamet from BS,” continued Hendri.

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However, is there really a good and lawful way to ‘double money’? As an alternative, several ways that can be done to increase halal income include:


Investing in financial instruments such as stocks, bonds or mutual funds can provide good returns in the long term. Be sure to learn more about the investment and the risks involved before making an investment.

do business

You can start a small business such as selling food or handmade products that can be done from home.

Develop skills

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