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Don’t Spend It Immediately, Check Out 5 Tips for Managing THR Money Wisely So It Doesn’t Run Out! – Eid is the day to look forward to because the Holiday Allowance or THR will soon be disbursed.

THR is one of the motivations that encourages many people to work harder even though they are fasting.

However, there are also many people who are lulled by getting THR and tend to splurge on it.

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According to Tonny Hermawan Adikarjo, Director of PT Binar Insan Cemerlang, said that managing THR at a certain percentage can make a better financial life in the future.

However, according to a survey 90% of Indonesians spend their THR money on shopping, while 6% of them are used for saving.

Therefore, managing THR money so that it doesn’t come up short also important, so that the money does not just run out.

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Here’s how to manage THR wisely to make it more useful:

Plan THR expenses

Many people may think that when they get THR, it can be used to buy the things they want.

Therefore, many people think to be ‘more consumptive’ because they already get more income in a month.

Even though THR is generally used as an allowance to meet various needs before the holidays. Therefore, the THR money is finally used for things that are not too important.

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